Ego CE4 Battery – What is Needed to Operate the Battery Fully

The eGo CE4 battery has an immense responsibility that goes well beyond the simple powering of the device.

eGO CE4 Starter Kit

While many people assume the only goal of the battery is to produce power, this is simply not the case. The battery has a direct correlation to how thick the vapor is that an electronic cigarette produces.

Battery mAh

The mAh value of the ego ce4 battery will equate to a thicker vapor that some users prefer. This vapor is able to be produced by using any of the batteries currently offered. There are batteries seen with the following mAh values:

  • 650
  • 900
  • 1000

The higher the value, the thicker the battery’s vapor will be.

Battery Longevity

The TOOIO eGO CE4 Clearomizer will hold a 2 – 3 hour charge. This allows the user to have 2 – 3 hours of pure smoke-time at once. This means that if you take a normal cigarette break of 4 – 8 minutes, you will be able to enjoy over 20 breaks without ever needing to recharge the battery.

Life Cycle

This rechargeable battery has a life cycle of more than 400 recharge cycles. This means that a user can expect to use their same battery for well over a year before replacing it. If a person charges the battery correctly, they will not have an issue with the battery.

The first time, a person will want to drain the battery entirely and recharge it. This is done to reset the battery fully. After the first time, the battery should not be drained to such a low level. Instead, a user should recharge the battery when it dips between 3 – 5 percent so that they can always turn their device on with ease.

The eGo CE4 battery is designed to last and produces the utmost in vapor thickness. Users can easily change out the battery as well as choose an accompanying color if they want a battery that always looks stylish. Looking for eGO CE4 Starter KIT OEM/ODM Wholesale Distributor on TOOIO Electronic Cigarettes for more information.

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eGo CE4 Clearomizer / Atomizer

The eGo CE4 clearomizer has been a standard part for most ecig smokers for a while now. And, there is no doubt that the eGO CE4 clearomizer is one of the best products on the market. The CE4 is a top coil clearomizer that comes in most eGo kits.

It has a clear plastic shell that allows you to see exactly how much liquid you got left. It also has a screw-in mouthpiece which prevents leakage.

Besides just preventing leakage, there are some other reasons why we think that the eGO CE4 is so well-done:

  • Liquid levels are always visible, so there’s no chance of you running out of liquid without noticing.
  • Completely maintenance free. Just refill and move on.
  • It holds 1.6ml of fluid, which means you will spend less time filling up and more time vaping.

The eGO CE4 is also a long lasting product, where two of them can last you almost an entire month. There are some steps you should take to get the most out of the eGo CE4, but they’re nothing that require a bunch of time. If you want one clearomizer to last as long as possible, then do the following:

  • Keep the amount of e-liquid inside above 0.5 ml at all times so that the wick stays wet.
  • Make sure not to vape at voltages above 3 – 3.5V.

What Are the Good Things about the eGO CE4 clearomizer?

  • Provides a very nice and heavy vape.
  • Beyond easy to fill. You can fill it directly from the bottle, which is very nice. All you have to do is make sure not to get e-liquid into the hole in the middle.
  • Very affordable.
  • You can find one almost everywhere. Whether it’s online or offline, you’re going to see some eGO CE4 variant in a shop.
  • It looks good. The eGO CE4 comes in a variety of colors and goes very well with most batteries.

Any Not-So-Good Things about the eGo CE4 clearomizer?

We’ve been using the CE4 clearomizer for a while now and we just can’t find any negative sides. If there are negtive sides, then they aren’t anything big enough to be worth mentioning.

Anyway, the only thing that I suggest is that you buy from stores who can offer you some sort of warranty. It’s not uncommon for a eGO CE4 atomizer to be dead on arrival, and it’s always nice to have a replacement option.


Whether you are a veteran electronic cigarette smoker or someone looking to start using electronic cigarettes, then the eGO CE4 clearomizer is a trusty solution for you. The price, simplicity, and reliability all make it the clear-cut solution for any person smoking vapor. While you can’t take apart the CE4 and reassemble it, they are cheap enough and long lasting enough that you will still be saving more money vaping then you would be smoking normal cigarettes.

If you have been thinking about buying the eGO C4 atomizer, then do it. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. It’s a long lasting, good pr

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Smokeless Smoking with Vivi Nova Mini

Vivi Nova Mini is a kind of electronic cigarette. The name of electronic cigarette has been heard now here and there. In all kinds of electronic cigarette, this is a good company. This is reputed in all over the United States of America. This is now well known in most of the parts of the world as this has brought the revolution in the age of e-cigarette. When you first time heard the name of e-cigarette smoking without fire, you were surprised. But, it is true in all respect. This type of cigarette does not need any fire for its ignition. No smoke has been produced from it.  So, this does not harm so much as the tobacco burning cigarette creates. This only produces the nicotine vapor which adds to the blood of men in a regulated way. This kind of cigarette also produces a small light by its top LED.  The leap of the smoker also becomes warm. This is run by a battery which supplies the power to operate the e-cigarette. So, it is made by maintaining similarity of tobacco cigarettes.

The Popularity of Vivi Nova Mini

In the market, Vivi Nova normal size and Vivi Nova Mini are also available. But, besides the normal size, the mini version is more attractive and popular to men. This is almost similar looking of the real cigarette unlike the previous version of general size. Though, the work process and activity is entirely similar. In the middle portion, you will see a barrel like tank which is filled with nicotine gel or nicotine liquid. There are atomizers with different power available in the electronic cigarette kits. This is the main regulator of nicotine vapor. The more power you will use, the more evaporation of the nicotine liquid will be emitted to your mouth. You will get the Vivi Nova with different attractive color with different flavors.  You can choose your best wanted flavor from the e-cigarette range.

Cost Comparison

If you compare to Vivi Nova Mini with the tobacco cigarettes, you will see that the price of tobacco cigarette is also many times higher than the electronic cigarette. The cost of tobacco cigarette is almost five times higher than the electronic cigarettes. Though, the cost of first time purchasing of Vivi Nova kits, the cost is slightly higher. The visible cost will be noticed when you will continue taking e-cigarettes.

Overall Certification of Vivi Nova Mini

When you are strongly determined to avoid smoking, the Vivi Nova Mini is much effective. When you are in the mob or public places, the smoke of the cigarette cannot harm any, as there is no smoke produced from it. The more it is environment supportive, the more it is health conscious. With your conscious effort, you can give up smoking habit for good. If you cannot leave cigarette forever, you can at least reduce smoking side effects a lot. There is one thing to keep in mind that only your conscious attempt to avoid smoking can help you to leave smoking permanently. Vivi Nova Mini is the latest invention of smoke free electronic cigarette which is worldwide popular for its utility, its user-friendly designs and its effective power for giving up smoking.

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